Hasan Kaymak, CEO at DBHK-Hasan Kaymak Innovations, Kassel, Germany, Designer, Concept Phone Designer, Almanya, Apple USA

About Hasan Kaymak

Hasan Kaymak was born in 1994 in Kassel, Germany. Since 2006, he creates Smartphone Concept Phones. He started his passion with an age of 12 and still continues his work.

In 2015, Mr. Kaymak had his graduation at Goethe-Gymnasium Kassel. He started to study Medicine at the University of Göttingen in Germany. After 2 years of study, he changed his opinion. He was asked to study Bachelor of Science at the University of Kassel.

Next to his study, he designs Smart Devices like Smartphone, Tablets or Smartwatches. You can find his work here on his official website.

,,The Design affects the human lifestyle. Every product has an individual Design, which needs to fit perfectly to our life. You use a Smartphone for daily uses or at work. It needs to be smart and make your life more efficient with intelligent technologies. The combination of latest hardware and software isn't enough for a great device. It also needs a premium design, which fits to your style. Here's the point, where we want to make a difference. We listen to your voice and desires, before we come up with new Smartphone Designs."

-Hasan Kaymak,
 Concept Designer