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Moving Designs by Hasan Kaymak.

 I started to create concepts with an age of 12 years. In 2006, I created my first concept phone. In 2011, I saw the website Concept-Phones and started to send my concepts and to share them on the web. I had a Facebook Page called HTC     Concepts. Later, I had to delete it. Because of this, I created a Google+ Page called Hasan     Kaymak Innovations. Since 2013, I'm actively using my G+ Page to  share my concepts with you. It was visited by more than 1 Million of  people. Many thanks for your support and interest.

Curves and Edges

Meet minimalistic and modern Design Combination with natural curves and edges.

Our Passion.


The Design affects the human lifestyle. Every product has an individual Design, which needs to fit perfectly to our life. You use a Smartphone for daily uses or at work. It needs to be smart and make your life more efficient with intelligent technologies. The combination of latest hardware and software isn't enough for a great device. It also needs a premium Design, which fits to your style. Here's the point, where we want to make a difference. We listen to your voice and desires, before we come up with new Smartphone Designs.


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It works very simple. You have an idea or a sketch. We realise it. That's it. 

We also offer rendered Smartphone Pictures of upcoming Phones from several brands for news websites and blogs. Contact us for more information.